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All of the photos were taken in 1959 and 1960 unless otherwise noted. 

 All of my photos were taken with a Minolta 16mm "spy camera",
just like the one shown here.

The camera is not much larger than a Zippo lighter! That might explain the poor picture quality. Unfortunately I could not afford better at the time.


"Pictures, Pictures, I wanna see pictures!" FINGRTIP.GIF (9261 bytes)


1.gif (302030 bytes) The photo on the left and the one under it are of the "A" Troop Compound. They were taken from near the top of "Suicide Grade. I took the photos in 1959 or early in 1960 (After the snow and ice melted). Click on the thumbnails for a larger view. The Google Earth photo (below) will expand to 1024x780 if you know how to do it (depending on your browser)!
4.gif (332491 bytes)
A_Troop_Compound.GIF (514074 bytes) The Google Earth Satellite Photo on the left shows what the view from space of the old "A" Troop Compound looks like today (2006).
28.JPG (76692 bytes) A view of the Imjin River from the the top of "Suicide Grade", one steep S.O.B!  We could not use the grade in the winter of 1959 when it was iced over!

IMG11.GIF (327215 bytes)

Remnants of one of our downed spotter planes and a "steel pot" that I retrieved from the crash site inside the zone.

IMG12.GIF (341336 bytes)

An "Alert", 1959.  My "Beast", "A-13" ready to roll to our battle position next to the "Z".

IMG13.GIF (322853 bytes)

"A-13" Ready for DMZ duty again. Bill Atchley took it over when I rotated home - John Terrio drove it after Bill.

IMG14.GIF (359709 bytes)

Bill Atchley & "A-14" ready to go!

32.JPG (96845 bytes)

These "Heavies" took over our duties while we went south of the Imjin to play "War Games" (we only did that twice that I remember).  Fueling up, getting ready to head on out.

33.JPG (101851 bytes)

The "Heavy Boys" heading home!

34.JPG (81996 bytes)

Our Chapel "On the hill" on the left and our Armory or supply? (hut on the right). Jeep and driver unknown.

ARMANDA.JPG (95401 bytes)

A look at the "Power Pak" (1500Hp) in one of our PC's. Gilbert (Rosie) Rosales in the hatch.  Mechanics in the foreground.

ROSIE.JPG (85024 bytes)

"Rosies" ride "Armanda" in better shape than above.

A-16.JPG (92891 bytes)

"A-16" on alert, heading to Battle Position, Dave Getz at the "wheel". This "may" be the one now on display at the Ft. Hood (TX.) Museum.

ALERT-1.JPG (76540 bytes)

Another of our M41's (Walker Bulldogs) in the field, HQ Platoon mechanics (I think) .

23.JPG (95847 bytes)

"Chow Time" Sgt. Grindstaff, Sgt. Ferguson, Pfc.'s Atchley, Washington and Davis, all 1st Platoon.

30.JPG (112939 bytes)

"Football" with mortar rounds, I don't think so!  Sometimes I wasn't "The Brightest Bulb in the Pack"! The round wasn't armed, but I was! 

KATUSA.JPG (45124 bytes)

KATUSA Cpl. Hong-Il-Lang.  My only picture of  one of the many KATUSA's that were in "A" Troop.

OP-227.JPG (70338 bytes)

Sgt. Butler on OP 227.  One of our "Modern" OP's.

29.JPG (81504 bytes)

A partial view of the road to OP 223 - a "real fun time" in the rain and mud with reverse camber on the turns!

2-REDS.JPG (71935 bytes)

2 of several North Korean "Visitors" to OP 238 & 239.  See related story on "My Story" page, "incident at Op-239". (PDF file)

MY_AREA.JPG (82849 bytes)

One of my few leisure moments.

MY_AREA1.JPG (82837 bytes)

Ready for inspection?

26.JPG (82925 bytes)

Stan Janick (1st Platoon) resting after a work out.  This lucky sucker went home in '59 not too long after I got there.

OPS_CTR.JPG (45922 bytes)

SP-4 Dondiego pointing at our NEW Op Center Sign. Pvt. Landin observing.  Note the hand crank siren on the wall (far end). I heard it all toooo often!

31.JPG (92562 bytes)

Inspection and Briefing before going out for DMZ Duty. 8 men total for "A" Troop's sector. Possibly manned 2 OP's, 1 foot patrol and one ambush - each were 2 man teams.

A-SIGN.JPG (71794 bytes)

"A" Troop compound new entrance sign.  We had just taken over the Zone from the DMZ Police Company.

OUTSIDE.JPG (96150 bytes)

My "hooch" (1st Platoon), just in the picture at top right.  Note the nice stair climb, a real bitch when wet or icy!

OUTSIDE1.JPG (84199 bytes)

A look at some of "A" Troop compound from my (1st platoon) hooch.

MINES-1.JPG (63197 bytes)

My "Bible", one of several that explained what to watch out for and how to deal with it if EOD was out for coffee!  They were usually too far away anyway!

JEEPWASH.JPG (58601 bytes)

"Jeep Wash" at the Imjin River.  Yeah, that's me! "Then" (1959), on the Left, and "Now" (2002), on the Right.  "Now" picture was taken on 09.11.02.

Me_Now.jpg (109562 bytes)

36.JPG (49834 bytes)

Pfc. Kennedy and Cpl. Strauss (L to R). Kennedy, 1st Platoon, Strauss, unknown.

21.JPG (53421 bytes)

SFC. Grindstaff, (1st) Platoon Sgt.

35.JPG (56935 bytes)

1st Platoon Leader, MSG. Cabrera - SHORT TIMER - 2 days to go when this was taken.  The 1st Platoon never did have a Commissioned Officer as Platoon Leader during my tour.

22.JPG (64799 bytes)

Sgt. Ferguson, "A-13" Car Commander - my buddy!

24.JPG (45258 bytes)

Daryl Moran (1st Platoon) in front of Squadron HQ.

25.JPG (47668 bytes)

Frank Weems (1st Platoon) and his "ride".

1.JPG (24164 bytes)

Motor pool, activity unknown. 

17.JPG (27316 bytes)

Part of "A" Troop Compound with the same lousy camera!

8.JPG (28928 bytes)

Another view of the compound. 

All of the color photos were converted from 16mm slides, still no resolution to speak of!

6.JPG (20006 bytes)

Looking out toward the Imjin River with another unit on the move kicking up dust.

3.JPG (25602 bytes)


2.JPG (21950 bytes)

"Honest John" Rocket at a "Go and look pretty for the brass"! (Show and Tell = 1st Cav. Div. 38th Anniversary celebration.)

4.JPG (24604 bytes)

Rosie (1st Platoon) standing by a PC from another unit at the "show and tell".

19.JPG (27832 bytes)

Rosie and crew heading back from the "show and tell".

12.JPG (23638 bytes)

North Korean Guard/Observation Tower in Panmunjom.

15.JPG (23328 bytes)

Another view of the tower.

20.JPG (32113 bytes)

The right side of this table is in North Korea and the left side (as viewed) is in South Korea. (Panmunjom)

7.JPG (27620 bytes)

A gaggle of North Korean guards in Panmunjom.  They got hostile over this picture.  We dared 'em, but all they did was gesture and cuss!

5.JPG (23028 bytes)

This butt head was not happy about getting his picture taken either.  Another confrontation afterwards.

10.JPG (35021 bytes)

Several of us (Recon. Jeeps) out on patrol looking for infiltrators.

18.JPG (29252 bytes)

On patrol getting the "once over" by the infantry.  Infiltrators were spotted in the area this day but unfortunately we were unable to locate them this time.

16.JPG (27568 bytes)

Still looking - More patrol, south of the "Z".

9.JPG (29658 bytes)

Hot in August - move the rack outside.  One of the VERY few "kickback" times.  Yep, it's me again!

27.JPG (74274 bytes)

Dave Getz (on the left) and myself (again), our hooch, a "Baker Building" (1st Platoon) in the background.

SEMPER-V.GIF (141609 bytes)

DMZ Police Company Headquarters Sign - Photo is from the 1959 1st Cav. Div. Yearbook.

Bunker.jpg (20851 bytes)

A "typical" bunker.  Some of our observation posts were no different. They now call them Guard Posts.   [source & date of  this picture unknown]

RCN.JPG (38690 bytes)

One of our (The 1st Reconnaissance Squadron) insignia.  (Armored Recon.).  This and the next 2 items have become collectors items!  I will purchase as many as you care to sell!

37.GIF (78220 bytes)

For those of you that served in the DMZ after 1960 & have not seen a DMZ Police Company Pin (Badge), here you are!   I will purchase ORIGINAL pins and the tabs shown below.  CLICK HERE if you have any pins or tabs for sale!

Dmzpol.jpg (85133 bytes) One of the shoulder tabs that I am looking for!
DBL001.gif (110370 bytes)

One 1959 photo from Don Boyd Lee (Behind the camera), in the original "A" Troop compound (Before we moved in the summer of '59).  SFC Caudill on the left, Kenneth Mullins in the center. Anyone know who the remaining trooper is, or where this compound was located?

PATCH.JPG (116941 bytes)

I think this says it all!! 


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